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We work in partnership with Heras, leading supplier of perimeter protection solutions, to offer our clients the best possible secure perimeter fencing products, expertly installed by our qualified, experienced team anywhere in Scotland or the UK.

We can recommend suitable perimeter fencing to protect a vast array of sites across many commercial sectors, including:

….. and many more.

Setting the

Our perimeter fencing options can be integrated with security systems like access control, alarms, lighting and camera monitoring to create the level of security your facility or site needs to meet the accepted “deter, detect and delay” criteria defined by the British security services.

By fencing the boundary of your property you are firstly demarcating what belongs to you, and discouraging and deterring unauthorised people from entering. Perimeter fencing provides a vital physical barrier – with designated access points – your first line of defence in securing your terrain.

Your choice of perimeter fence must take many factors into consideration, including the function you need it to perform and the level of security you require. Our experts can advise you after a site survey on the best type of fencing to meet your needs and budget.

Railings & Mesh
Security Fencing

The most popular types of perimeter fencing which we supply and install are metal railings and welded mesh fencing.

  • Railings come in many styles and are customisable with colour coatings to match corporate or brand colours or complement the surroundings. They are particularly suited to parks, educational campuses and children’s playgrounds. Bow-topped railings provide safe containment, while capped railings are an excellent deterrent for intruders – human or animal – who might attempt to climb over them.
  • Welded mesh fencing is a cost-effective robust option, anti-climb and anti-vandalism, ideal for sites that require high security like airports, power stations and military sites.

Perimeter fencing is just one of the services that we offer to the commercial sector in the Scotland and beyond. We are also experts at the installation of vehicle restraint systems, environmental barriers, automated gates and barriers, as well as road lining. We’re able to set up your site to be safe and secure.

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