Installation of
VRS & Fencing

Highway and Non-highway Specification

Vital Installation Of
Safety Fencing And Road Barriers

We find ourselves increasingly in demand for carrying out the vital installation of safety fencing and road barriers on Scotland’s and Britain’s major roads infrastructure – including maintenance projects on the M1 and M4.

We’re highly experienced in the field of Vehicle Restraint Systems, which have to conform to the European Standard Specification for Vehicle Restraint Systems BS EN1317.

Once installed components of the system such as safety and crash barriers must be tested, including the post foundations, so it is vital that barriers be deployed with a high standard of workmanship by highly motivated crews such as ours.

Crash Cushions &
Terminal End sections

We’re on hand to supply, install or repair crash cushions and terminal end sections on the highways, with various classifications including P1, P2 and P4, in single or double-sided versions. All our VRS components comply with BS EN 1317.

Crash cushions (also known as impact attenuators) are collapsible devices usually placed in front of fixed structures along the highway designed to protect structures and motorists – even roadway workers – by absorbing the kinetic energy from a vehicle collision.

We’re experts at selecting the correct type of crash cushion design to suit various high-risk situations, such as bridge pillars or the start of a central reservation. Our crash cushions and end terminals are sourced from top manufacturers, designed for maximum safety performance and re-usability.

High Specification
VRS Projects Completed

It’s not just highways that we work on installing and repairing road restraints. We also complete many VRS projects to a high specification on private roads or off-road on all sorts of properties, from schools and multi-storey car parks to airports, loading bays and industrial estates.

Crash barriers and other VRS components are designed to deform – bend, twist and crumple – before they give way, engineered to reduce the impact of a collision on a vehicle as well as stop it in its tracks. They are made of flexible galvanised steel with a recognisable corrugated shape to spread the energy of a collision across a wide area.

As well as conventional crash barriers we also fit and maintain other types of safety fencing such as bike guards to protect motorbike accident black spots, and aesthetically pleasing nature rails to safeguard environmentally sensitive locations.

Besides saving lives crash barriers and safety fencing provide a visual indicator for motorists and pedestrians of hazardous areas.

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