Permanent & Temporary
Road Marking Service

Emergency Team on Standby

Durable Thermoplastic
Line Markings

Our efficient road-marking division is kept busy, primarily in Scotland, laying down the painted lines on our roads that keep motorists informed and in line while they’re travelling our highways and byways.

We supply and install a high quality and durable thermoplastic road marking product anywhere it is needed, temporary or permanent, and are able to neatly remove any old existing lines to accommodate a new lay out or change of use.

We apply bright, clean, clearly demarcated and durable lines on a variety of surfaces – tarmac, asphalt or concrete – with a fast turnaround time. After around 10 minutes curing time the lines will be ready to be used.

The surface to be painted needs to be dry and debris-free, and if lines are to be applied onto concrete, block-paving or very old or worn road surfaces we might need to apply a primer.

Our reflective thermoplastic road markings are resistant to UV, water, oil petrol salt and the elements, no matter how extreme.

White & Yellow
Road Lining

Our road lining specialists travel far and wide laying down lines on highways, main roads, side roads, access routes, slip roads, lanes, private and commercial driveways, car parks, transport yards – you name it, we’ll come and apply our accurate and precise road markings.

We undertake “white lining” – including painting the ubiquitous H-bar, which is the white line down the middle of the road. White lines are extremely important for demarcating lanes and carriageways, giving instructions like “give way”, “keep clear” or “stop” to road users, route marking and warning of approaching hazards. Most of us would feel rather lost driving on a road without any white lining.

We use quite a lot of yellow thermoplastic road lining too, in areas where there have to be parking or stopping restrictions, and to a lesser extent we employ red lining which prohibits stopping altogether.

Specialist Road Marking
at Short Notice

We are trained, qualified and experienced in applying legally compliant thermoplastic road markings with the specified equipment in any situation anywhere, chiefly in the Scottish Highlands.

Our specialist thermoplastic line marking team are available for contracts large and small, even at very short notice. We keep a team on standby for rush jobs, which is on call seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

We recognise that road markings are a critical part of overall road safety measures throughout the UK, and when a road needs marking, delay could result in injury or even be fatal.

We are able to combine our road marking services with our Vehicle Restraint Systems and entry barrier and gate installations for client contracts, so if you have a project in mind we’d be happy to discuss how we can be of use to you.

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