Barriers for
Bridges, Embankments or Walkways

Expert Installation & Maintenance

Parapets to Meet Specified Containment Standards

A vital part of a Vehicle Restraining System (VRS) on any highway or byway, Vehicle Parapets are safety barriers installed on the margins of a bridge, retaining wall, embankment or walkway – anywhere where there is a vertical drop and the danger of vehicles or pedestrians falling.

Our experienced and fully equipped team of VRS installers and engineers at LG Simpson can supply, fit or repair all types of vehicle parapets, in aluminium and steel, to meet specified containment standards.

As potentially life-saving safety constructions, parapets have to be carefully selected to meet the criteria of the particular situation where the installation is to take place, and of course installed and maintained to the highest possible standard.

The installation of parapets systems can only be carried out by companies like ours with NHSS10B accreditation and NVQ trained installers.

Contract Deadlines

We are known and respected across Scotland and the wider UK for our skill and expertise in erecting VRS components such as crash barriers, safety fencing, parapets and smooth, safe transitions on our major road infrastructure. We have a reputation for top notch, compliant workmanship and meeting the most demanding of contract deadlines.

As is the case with all our contracts we work closely with our clients to fulfil their specifications when it comes to the supply and installation of parapets, which are available with mesh infill or with cladding in solid metal GRP.

We also carry out re-meshing of existing parapets and restraint walls, and offer parapet maintenance contracts for local authorities and large government entities like Highways England.

Safety Criteria for

There are statutory requirements for the correct – and safe – installation of parapets on our roads and railways, and we take the task of complying with these extremely seriously, since lives depend on it.

Everything from the fabrication standard and thickness of the metal used, to the positioning of infill panels, is specified, as is the quality of the fixings and metal or concrete posts.

Our VRS crews are highly qualified and competent to carry out this meticulous work to the required level of BS EN 1317, which lays out the criteria for vehicle impact tests on parapets for the various containment levels. These tests involve various vehicles such as a car, bus or HGV impacting the parapet at an angle of 20 degrees.

Keeping the roads as safe as possible is a complex operation, but one that we are pleased and proud to contribute to.

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