Noise Pollution

A Practical Acoustic Solution

The Impact of Noisy Roads

The bodies that build and manage the road networks in the UK are increasingly including noise mitigation measures in their planning, particularly where roads pass through densely populated urban areas.

Simpsons Highways has certainly noticed a surge in demand for our contractual services in installing environmental barriers to decrease noise and other forms of pollution emanating from roads.

It is well known that noise from traffic passing by affects people’s peace and comfort, whether it is their home or their workplace that is affected. It can pose risks to their health and well being too.

Government funding is available for low-noise road surfaces and even investing in insulating buildings near roadways to reduce noise in certain locations that have been designated as NIAs (Noise Important Areas).

We are proud to play our part by installing noise barrier fences alongside busy highways.

Barriers with a
Natural Appearance

We supply and install environmental barriers that are designed to blend in with the environment and keep noise to a minimum. These barriers are deployed mostly between the road and areas like housing developments, schools, retail areas and business parks.

These noise reducing barriers come in several forms. Most popular and serviceable is a post and panel construction with panels in timber, polycarbonate, aluminium or a combination of the three materials.

The panels not only mute the sound from a busy passing road, but also provide privacy and security for those occupying buildings on the other side. From the motorist’s point of view they eliminate the distraction of lighting and activity beyond the fence as they drive by.

In most cases roadside plantings are established in front of the barrier fence to give it a natural appearance that blends into the landscape.

Screen out Noise

We supply and erect top quality environmental barriers that have been scientifically tested for acoustic performance and sound absorption or reflection in compliance with BS EN 1793.

It’s not just motorways and busy urban routes that can benefit from the erection of noise reducing barriers – they are also highly effective in screening out noise from industry, agriculture, construction yards and other sound producing environments near to where people live.

We accept contracts large and small for the supply and installation of environmental barriers, which can be sound absorbing or reflective, according to our clients’ specifications.

Our experts are ready, willing and able to share their advice and knowledge about these important barriers that are essential to maintain health and happiness in our busy, crowded modern living spaces.

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