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Barriers for Vehicle Control

We install a selection of top quality entrance control traffic barriers for a wide variety of commercial and industrial enterprises and organisations where regulating traffic flow and monitoring vehicle access is vital during day-to-day operations.

We work mainly with barriers supplied by leading manufacturer, Heras, which are renowned for being secure, robust and reliable.

We fit barriers for controlled vehicle entry in strategic sites like air and seaports, logistics sites, distribution yards, and Government and military installations. You’ll find our traffic barriers in local car parks too – anywhere that a high volume of traffic control needs to be managed, very often incorporated with intelligent access control solutions.

We can install arm barriers with anti-pedestrian skirts, crash-tested heavy-duty dual beam barriers, electro-hydraulic or electro-mechanical barriers that are vandal resistant, and many more.

A Range of
Automated Gates

Security is a vital consideration for most commercial and residential sites, and security means controlling access – only allowing in people, vehicles and goods that are authorised to gain entry.

When it comes to site access the best way to protect and organise entry is by installing automated gates which are reliable and open and close rapidly, to safeguard the perimeter.

LG Simpson offers a range of options for automated gateways, both for pedestrian or vehicle access, that you can depend on to keep your premises secure.

Choose from electric automated steel or aluminium gates, that can be fitted with a variety of locks and combined with various access control systems. Some examples of solutions for entrance gates are sliding gates, swing gates, bi-fold speed gates, and turnstiles.

The Best
Entry Solutions

We have become known in Scotland and across the UK for our expertise in perimeter security – which includes not only the installation of appropriate perimeter fencing but also fitting secure access gates of various designs and specialisations that suit the site, building and its purpose.

We have the experience and skill set to investigate the needs and requirements for each client organisation, and take on every safety and security challenge when it comes to entrance gates and barriers that serve the purpose of keeping your business moving, while safeguarding who and what comes in and out.

Whether it takes static or collapsible bollards; automatic traffic barriers; safe, fast sliding gates; rugged full-height or half-height turnstiles; quick-acting road-blockers, or any other entrance control gate or barrier, you can depend on us to provide the best solution.

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